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Welcome to Quirky Island! Quirkyopolis is the main city, located on Quirky Island. Quirky Island is a special place where everyone gets along.  Everyone is accepted for their personal likes, styles and personalities.  It's a happy place that is home to anyone that needs love, acceptance and joy.  Feel free to be yourself here and SHINE!


My name is Sommer Rayn.   I am an artist, children's book author and illustrator.  For as long as I can remember, I've always thought of animals having human attributes.   I wanted them to be just like me. I pictured them having jobs, distinct personalities, favorite foods and activities. As a child, I was often called unique.  Before the movie Toy Story came out, I use to ask my Dad if my stuffed animals came to life in my bedroom while I was sleeping.  I so wanted that to be true.  Ever since I can remember, I have always loved art.  I have always created art pieces that I thought others would like. I was afraid to let my quirkiness shine.   I rarely let my quirky, whimsical characters come out.  When I did create them, I would feel so happy and joyful when gazing upon them.  They are a part of me.

After long, careful consideration, I decided to create a website.  A joyful place where all of my characters could have a happy, magical home.  Where perhaps people who can relate to being a bit unique, will come, giggle and admire their quirkiness. 

These sweet characters are such a large part of me.  They are from my heart and make me smile to my core, when I gaze upon them.  My wish, regardless of sales, is that they bring a smile to you and perhaps encourages you to embrace your quirky side

0706a Lovebug-002.jpg
0741b White Rabbit I'm late_edited.jpg
0730a Queen Sassy-002_edited.jpg
All of my characters are created with love

Every single character bubbles from my heart, to my head, then to my hand and on paper..  They are all unique and have such a joyful presence. I am so happy to be able to share them with you.

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You can contact me via this website or feel free to email me at:  Quirkyopolis@gmail.com

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